The Real Housewives of Hidden Hills Season 1 Episode 9: Hidden Secrets in Hidden Hills

*Episode begins by panning over party room*

Salome Confessional: Today is Brian’s Cover Magazine Release party. He posted for Men’s Fitness. He posed for Men’s Fitness Magazine a while ago and now its out. And I wanted to throw a huge party for him.

Salome: So Brian do you like how the party turned out?

Brian: I do thanks mom.

Salome: Of course. Just know no matter how old you are, you’re still my little baby boy to me.

Salome Confessional: *starts crying* Time goes by so fast. It feels just like yesterday I was getting him ready for his school pictures and now he’s in Men’s Fitness.

Salome: Go have fun with your friends. And you have my permission to drink tonight.

Brian: Really?

Salome: Yeah of course. Go have fun tonight you earned it.

Salome Confessional: America is the only country I know that you can’t drink legally until you’re twenty-one. That’s so stupid, in Colombia the drinking age is eighteen. Brian has had a drink before just with my permission and me watching him.

*Violet is walking into restaurant*

Violet: *to waiter* Hello I need a table for three.

Waiter: Right this way. *leads Violet to table*

Violet Confessional: Today I’m meeting up with Aurora and Dana we’re just gonna eat and talk about things.

Aurora: *walks over and hugs Violet* Hey!

Violet: Nice to see you again.

Aurora: Same. Hopefully this will be a better atmosphere than that birthday party.

Violet: Chile. It was a mess.

Aurora Confessional: Nobody has ever gotten up and stormed away from me before like Kelsey did. She walked away and tried to make me seem stupid to Clara. I was mortified.

Aurora: Yeah. It was awful. What was the party like before I came?

Violet: It was totally dry then drama started happening slowly. Kelsey and Clara tried to start with me.

Aurora: The issue between you and Clara is because you talked bad about Momma G, right?

Violet: Yes and because she felt like I was wrong for taking Dana’s side.

Aurora: I just feel like that isn’t enough to destroy a thirty year friendship. You two just grew apart so fast.

Violet: Exactly. I think Clara has definitely changed, but that’s what happens when you live off your mom’s money.

Aurora: Do you really think Momma G’s money is keeping her afloat?

Violet: I honestly believe so.

Aurora Confessional: I always have felt like Clara was very well off and hard working. It’s even difficult to hang out with her at times because she’s always at work.

Aurora: I just don’t know about that.

Violet: Well, it will come to the surface. *sips wine*

Dana: *walks in late and sits down at the table* Well hello ladies!

Aurora: Oh look who’s late today! *laughs*

Aurora Confessional: And I was perfectly on time. *smiles* The tables have turned.

Dana: Sorry girls! I was busy in several meetings for a charity I’ll be working with soon regarding adoption.

*Cameras zoom in on Aurora’s face*

Aurora: Well that’s so nice! We were talking about Kelsey’s birthday party that you missed Dana.

Dana: *yawns* Why talk about such boring things? *sips drink*

Aurora: We were talking about it because Kelsey completely humiliated me for no reason. She made me feel stupid and crazy when I confronted her about inviting Clara to Napa.

Violet: Kelsey definitely needs a check. *glances at the cameras*

Dana: Well… Kelsey is up Clara’s ass. It’s weird how close they’ve gotten so quickly.

Aurora: I just hope she doesn’t turn Clara against me somehow.

*Flashback to Kelsey telling Clara about Aurora confronting her at the birthday party*

Dana: Maybe you need to meet up with Kelsey and chat by yourselves.

Aurora: I don’t even have the energy to meet with her after she stormed away from me.

Violet: Well she’s a childish broke whore.

Aurora: Well, moving on from that. You said you were working with a charity Dana? Speaking of charity, I hope you two will attend my event coming up that I’m hosting for The Bright Path center.

Violet: I will definitely be there.

Dana: You know I’ll come!

Aurora: Yay! A lot of people are coming though so don’t be surprised if some unfriendly faces are there.

Violet: I got to sip my wine on that note. *sips wine*

Aurora Confessional: I have so much anxiety heading into this event because I would hate for it to be ruined by petty drama. I just have to remember I can’t let that dear hold me back from helping those who are in need. The drama is not important compared to helping people who are living in poverty and starving.

*Scene ends as the three ladies hug and go their separate ways*

*Scene pans over empty venue*

Roman: So this is the place. We’re going to need it fully decorated within three days for the event.

Aurora: This is going to be a lot of work. I wished we would have started it sooner but I got so distracted by the girl drama.

Roman: Well that’s alright. At least you smoothed things over with Clara and Dana.

Aurora: Yeah, but after going to her birthday party I have brand new issues with Kelsey. Ever since she’s came around the group there’s been never ending problems. As much as I hate to say it because I really liked Kelsey, she has played a large part in the group being so divided now.

Roman: You shouldn’t even be concerned with her. It’s not like her friendship is that important to you. You just met her.

Aurora: Yeah, but you know how I feel a need to be liked by everyone. IT just sucks that Kelsey can treat me like garbage when I came to her genuinely wanting to move past an issue I had with her.

Roman: She’s not a friend worth having if she’s already causing you this much trouble.

Aurora: Yeah. I will try not to worry about it but she’ll probably be at the Bright Path event. These past few weeks have really been a rollercoaster. From Riveria spreading lies about you and pinning it on my best friends to this Kelsey thing. It’s such a mess.

Roman: Riveria better hope I don’t see her because god help me…

Aurora: It’s okay. Just like Kelsey isn’t worth me worrying over, Riveria isn’t worth you worrying over. Now let’s get to decorating!

Roman: Alright. Sounds good. *kisses Aurora*

Aurora: So I’m thinking it would be cute if we made sure everyone wears purple when they show up here. Like a color theme.

Roman: That seems unnecessary.

Aurora: Well you don’t know how to throw an event. *laughs*

Roman: True. But I know you’ll knock this out of the park for us.

Aurora: Aw. Stop it!

*Scene ends as the two continue planning the decorations*

*Clara walks into frozen yogurt shop*

Clara Confessional: Today I’m meeting with Violet to see her problem with me and why she’s siding with Dana against me and what better to do it with than FRO-YO?

*Violet walks in and gets her fro-yo before taking a seat across from Clara*

Violet: Well…

Clara: Well… how are you?

Violet: I’m amazing and yourself? *looks Clara up and down*

Clara: Fabulous and blessed! You see something you like?

Violet Confessional: Clara best not be on her bullshit today.

Violet: Clara don’t flatter yourself.

Clara Confessional: Imitation is the highest form of flattery and I suppose Violet sees something she likes and she’s going to try to duplicate it. Replicated by many, duplicated by none! *snaps*

Clara: Don’t flatter myself? *clutches imaginary pearls* Oh my. *laughs*

Violet: Clara I’m very disappointed in you and your behavior.

Clara: My behavior? How so?

Violet: You’ve been a rude bitch and I’m tired of your snobby attitude.

Clara: Well I only become a rude bitch when someone makes me become one and I don’t believe I have a snobby attitude. I just think I’m very classy and I don’t put up with classless women like yourself and a few others.

Violet: Classless? More like you and your family.

Clara: More like YOU and DANA!

Violet: My family is one of the elites in Hidden Hills.

Clara: Mine is too honey! You must haven’t heard of all the hard work my family has put into building Hidden Hills. *laughs* You’re a joke.

Violet: Do you know what you are? You’re a clown. Your life is a joke.

Clara: You ought to know a clown when you see one. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see…let me guess… a clown, and an idiotic one at that, staring back at you! Your face should pop up next to the definition of clown.

Violet: Clara you should really brush your teeth.

Clara: You should really stop with the bummy botox. And darling my teeth are brushed and heavenly white… try another one.

Violet: My face is natural-

Clara: Your face isn’t natural girl. We all know about you and your injections and botox.

Violet: Just like we know about your mother fighting a case.

Clara: A case of what?

Violet: Didn’t your mom choke someone out?

Clara: What? My mom did not babe. Didn’t you knock your half blind husband’s eyeball out?

*Intense silence*

Violet: I didn’t!

Clara: Oh really?

Violet: Now you gonna stop saying that!

Clara: That’s not what he told the blogs…

*Images from blogs pop up*

Violet: *gets up and stands over her* Don’t ever come at me with lies! You’re a bitch!

Clara: And so are you. A violent bitch at that.

Violet: I’m not, but keep talking and you’ll find out!

Clara: If only your mom added the N to your name. It’d be the perfect name for you! Your husband is the one who told this to the blogs. You are one thunderstruck human being.

Violet: That’s fake news. David never said this! *glares intensely at Clara*

Clara: Oh god Violet! Have a nice fucking day… you are ill! *points finger in her face* I’m concerned for you… and not only you but for David and his safety too…

Violet: I can’t believe you and these fakes stories! *starts walking out of the shop*

Clara: Okay don’t believe me. Hopefully you will once he finally presses charges…

Violet: *walks to production van and angrily yanks the door open* You let this bitch do this shit!

Clara: *sits and finishes fro-yo* Mmm.. what a delectable dessert.

*Episode ends as the scene cuts to black*



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